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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Jerusalem's Real Estate

  • Jerusalem is experiencing rapid growth and the residents are satisfied being at an all-time high. Numerous construction cranes can be seen when viewing the city skyline a prove that Israel’s capital Jerusalem, is at the extended building boom period.
  • With the numbers of foreign investors in the real estate, it is a winning situation for all, not only in the aspects of money but also gives people to own their dream homes.
  • Jerusalem has so many religious sites that attract tourists around the world thank for the help of all tour operators in Israel.
  • Remarkably, the real estate investment benefits the city. Luxury apartments, complexes, and landscaped are elegantly designed and well maintained. The homeowners are helping the small business community when visiting Israel especially the restaurants and tourism. This results in the continuous growth of this beautiful city and makes the investment in real estate more and more attractive.
  • One of the greatest places to invest in real estate is in Jerusalem. Many people from around the world are looking for a great place to stay, you can rent out your place when you are not using it since the house is in this wonderful location.

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City Background

The city of Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities within the world with a massive historical past that is located on a highland between the Judaean Mountains and the Dead Sea. Jerusalem is a Heavenly City, filled with sites important to Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Jerusalem is only a small town however it’s defined by quite totally different neighborhoods, each of it has with their own history, socio-economic make-up, restaurants, food and a lot more.

City Background
City Background
City Background
City Background


Beyond the historic old city, Jerusalem has many diverse neighborhoods, areas, markets and a lot more. From Nachlaot to Musrara and Downtown West Jerusalem, each area of the town offers its own distinctive ambiance. Here are the must-visit areas to go to within the town.

Old City
Is home to the Dome of the Rock, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Machane Yehuda
Is often referred to as “The Shuk”, is the largest market in Jerusalem

Ein Kerem
Is a charming hillside village famed for its centuries-old holy sites

Germany Colony
Is most famous for the tiny cafés, independent restaurants, boutique hotels and trendy shops.

The Downtown Triangle
Is a central commercial and entertainment district in Western Jerusalem

Givat Ram
Is Jerusalem’s tech village, home to many of the city’s start-ups.

Who is This City For?

One of the town’s most rapidly growing property sectors is the high-end luxury market with several buildings line to the current demographic spreading throughout the city. It’s additionally apparent that a large share of purchasers during this market are non-residents, mainly North Americans and Europeans. It’s become evident that foreign property investment is worthy of recognition and will be warmly inspired as a very important factor in the growing economy of Jerusalem.

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Yehuda was a pleasure to work, honest and forthcoming. We felt confident that he wasn't taking advantage of us and we were grateful for his good advice. We returned to use Yehuda in further transactions. We just gave him the key to our apartment so he can sell it. If that doesn't show our trust in him, what does?
Ari Hollander, Miami Beach, Florida,
Eitan is a thorough and uniquely creative professional. He capably represents the client, getting along with everyone, no matter their affiliation. There is no deal he cannot close to the customer's ultimate satisfaction.
Eitan Eifod, Israel, Arazim,

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