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We introduce you to our network of specialists, which include first-class law firms with substantial real estate experience, expert financiers to structure your optimal mortgage plan, innovative interior designers to ensure that your vision becomes reality, highly skilled contractors to oversee all construction and installations, and dependable property managers to maintain your home when you travel.

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Why do we charge service fees?


Nearly 1.5 million Jews and Israelis dream of owning property in Israel, this demand creates sales of hundreds of apartments per year. The great demand is only growing – there is no doubt that the Israeli developers and the Israeli brokerage firms see the American Jewish public as a golden opportunity.

Along with the great potential existing in this population, amateur sales were spread by unprofessional entities that deal with the sale of real estate as a side business, which in many cases caused distress and even financial losses to homebuyers.

Precisely for this reason, David Stone, an international real estate agency whose offices are located in New York and Israel, was founded in order to provide a professional and full solution to its customers who are interested in purchasing property in Israel.

Unlike other companies, David Stone is solely involved in the marketing and sales of Israeli real estate in the United States. David Stone strives to provide the American customer with the service and experience to which he is accustomed.

The following are the services you will be getting:

David stone is a unique company and its motto is – “We represent our customers”.
David stone is the only company in the US that has offices in New York whose sole purpose is the marketing and sale of Israeli properties and projects in the United States.
Our company’s offices in New York has an experienced sales team that knows both the American service awareness and the Israeli real estate market.
Our company’s office in New York allows the customer to speak to an American sales representative who speaks their language. Having offices in the US means that customers do not need to worry about adapting to an Israeli schedule, since the representatives are in the same time zone.
Our sales team in Israel is knowledgeable and experienced in the Israeli real estate market thanks to decades of experience in marketing projects in Israel, thus the company’s representatives are able to provide their customers with all the information they need in a reliable, thorough, and meticulous manner.

Company Services

We will work to attain the best price and the most convenient payment terms for our customers.
The company’s representatives will maintain continuous contact with the developer in accordance with the client’s requests until the delivery of the asset to the client.
The company will work to provide its customers with the most detailed specifications.
During negotiations, our New York and Israeli counterparts will work conjointly to ensure that the terms of payment and the possibility of making changes will be in accordance with the customer’s timetables.
The company’s representatives in Israel will strive to locate the most suitable asset according to the customer’s wishes.
The company will review each transaction and recommend the most correct and cheapest option for the execution of the transaction.
The company will provide for its customers who wish to visit one or more projects, a sales representative who will coordinate and accompany them on a tour of the project.
The company has business partners that give its customers all services needed in any and all transactions. This will save the customer from extra expenses and unnecessary hassle.
The company’s main function is to safeguard the interests of its customers and guide them step by step in conjunction with the developer until the signing of an agreement.

Business partners include the following: Professional attorneys in the field of real estate, companies that transfer money to Israel, mortgage consultants, interior designers and the like.

David Stone does not charge its partners a kickback in return for services provided. David Stone will ensure that its partners speak fluent English and meet the same professional standards that our clients deserve.

In order to provide the customer with the highest level of service to which he is accustomed, the company has set up double marketing and sales systems in Israel and New York, which require a great deal of resources, double the workload, and irregular work hours and conditions.

However, through this work method we achieve the best value for the customer, save customers unnecessary visits to the project, and provide the customer with close and continuous guidance throughout the whole process; from the stage of choosing the property, to the stage of signing the contract, and much more.

Indeed, that is why we charge a service fee. However, you as the customer will benefit most as we look out for your best interest and negotiate the best deal and terms possible, as stated above. The end result for the customer is both a huge financial savings verses dealing directly with the developer. Additionally, it is a big time saver, it gives our customers security and peace of mind throughout the purchase process. These benefits outweigh the cost of the service fees several times over.

What our clients say

Yehuda was a pleasure to work, honest and forthcoming. We felt confident that he wasn't taking advantage of us and we were grateful for his good advice. We returned to use Yehuda in further transactions. We just gave him the key to our apartment so he can sell it. If that doesn't show our trust in him, what does?
Ari Hollander, Miami Beach, Florida,
Eitan is a thorough and uniquely creative professional. He capably represents the client, getting along with everyone, no matter their affiliation. There is no deal he cannot close to the customer's ultimate satisfaction.
Eitan Eifod, Israel, Arazim,

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