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Built with the incomparable Jerusalem-stone walls in the charming antique style of the Old City, Misgav Ladach 11, is a four-story building with only 6 apartments. This a home tailored to comfort with a stunningly appointed kitchen, a separate eat-in dinette and large spacious dining room with full-length picture windows overlooking the Kotel Plaza. The view from the apartment window overlooks the historic Temple ruins, thick stone walls, striking arched niches and domed ceilings.

Did you know?

  • Misgav Ladach St. is named after the first Jewish owned hospital in the city.
  • Archeological goldmines featuring artifacts from over 3,000 years ago abound in a series of local museums and parks.
  • The Burnt House Museum exhibits excavated remnants from the Second Temple Period.
  • Famed Yeshivot of Aish Hatorah, Yeshivat Hakotel, Yeshivat Porat Yosef and Yeshivat Netiv Arye are all in the area.
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The Rova is a name synonymous with nostalgia, history, yearning, and awe. Every street in the Old City is steeped with Israel’s history. Every sunlit cobblestone has a story to tell, as Jerusalem is considered holy to the three Abrahamic faiths.

Right at the top, facing the Kotel Plaza and Har Habayit is Rechov Misgav Ladach. Situated in the main street of the Jewish Quarter, it affords you an unrestricted view of Jerusalem, and more specifically, Har Hazeitim.

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Jerusalem sunlight shines through the lobby skylight. Apartment 5 is only two short flights up the staircase. This three-bedroom penthouse apartment offers a first line sight overview of the Kotel, Har Habayit, Har Hazeitim (Mt. of Olives cemetery) and Har Hatzofim (Hebrew U).

Area Development

The Jewish Quarter is getting a facelift. A multiyear development program is in place to facilitate tourism, make life easier for residents and improve infrastructure. Over 200 million NIS is being invested in the project with exciting innovative changes like an elevator to the Kotel Plaza and more.

As part of the ongoing reconstruction, the famed Tiferes Israel Synagogue has recently been approved for restoration.

Change can be good. But there are things we don’t want to change. That’s why there’s an ironclad legal document that guarantees that new construction will not obstruct the view from your home. Therefore, you’ll get to enjoy the modernization whilst taking in the same unobstructed, historic view.


Misgav Ladach - Area Development

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