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About the Project

A deluxe 16-floor residential tower will be built adjacent to the educational campus. This project is part of the city’s facelift program and 60 spacious homes plus retail space will be built in place of buildings 20-26 slated for demolition. Upper residences will look out onto a stunning, unobstructed view of the city, Jerusalem mountains and the sparkling coastal plain. To ensure the most luxurious and modern setting, the more than 5,000 sq. ft. of retail space is being built with 20-foot ceilings and reserved for exclusive fashion and lifestyle boutiques.

Did you know?

  • Founded in 1940 by 40 families as an agricultural settlement, Kiryat Ono became a city in 1992.
  • The city has an all Jewish makeup with mostly nonaffiliated and masorati Jews.
  • An impressive 84% of Kiryat Ono high school students graduate with a matriculation diploma (bagrut).
  • Ono Academic College is Israel’s fastest-growing private college.
  • 10 minutes away is Israel’s largest hospital, Sheba Tel Hashomer listed by Forbes (2017) to be home to Israel’s best doctors.
Shlomo Hamelech - About

Project Information


The Shlomo Hamelech Project in Kiryat Ono is in a prime location for easy commuting. Quick access to city exits onto state highways and a planned light rail route to the city make this central city a popular choice. Less than 7 miles from Tel Aviv, this quiet sprawling city has seen growth in recent years especially professional young couples and children making up nearly half of its population.

Shlomo Hamelech Street connects the most upscale Raysfeld neighborhood next to the city’s commercial hub. Alongside the city’s mall and office tower are schools, youth centers and community institutions. Other amenities such as parks, synagogues and a mikveh are all within walking distance.

Kiryat Ono has some of the country’s leading schools with a wide variety of school choices for children. Bar Ilan University, a 13-minute drive over, offers courses for honor students.

Shopping couldn’t be more convenient with the mall less than two minutes from the Shlomo Hamelech buildings. City streets offer lots of green spaces, modern playgrounds and sports facilities.

Shlomo Hamelech - Location
Shlomo Hamelech


A selection of apartment sizes are planned:

  • 3 bedrooms– approx. 969 – 1152 sq. ft. Standard porch of approx. 130 sq. ft. Select extra-large porches of 969 sq. ft. available
  • 4 bedrooms– approx. 1400 sq. feet with a standard porch of approx. 130 sq. ft.
  • Garden apartments– 4 bedrooms. Approx. 1216-1345 sq. ft. Attached garden 1044 -1216 sq. ft. Gardens are built above the retail complex, approx. 20 feet above ground level.
  • Mini Penthouse apartments– approx. 1313-1386 sq. ft. with porches of approx. 237 sq. ft.
  • Luxurious Penthouses– approx. 1582 – 1668 sq. ft. Porches – approx. 721 sq. ft.

All apartments include a storage room and two parking spaces. Four bedroom apartments and more will receive two parallel parking spaces.

2,500 – 2,830 NIS per sq. ft.

The price does not include legal fees of approx. 5,000 NIS plus VAT and purchase tax. Any additional fees, if applicable, will be detailed in the contract.

Area Development

The project has received signed agreement of all 24 current homeowners. Detailed plans have been drawn up and are ready to be submitted for approval.

Planned Schedule:

  • Submission & approval – within 12 months.
  • Construction phase – 24 – 30 months.

Contracts can be signed upon transfer of 7% of purchase price in escrow to the attorneys. Prices are fixed in accordance with the Housing Market Index. Prices linked to index after building permits are approved.

In 2012, Boaz Katz and Israel Wichelder joined forces and their individual expertise to found BWF Israel Group. With Boaz’s years of strategic planning and management of complex premium real estate deals and Yisrael’s success in design and city renewal programs – they were able to realize their dream of giving to the community in a very tangible way. To date, they’ve successfully managed to negotiate and build over 20 beautiful new projects under the Tama 38 laws.

BWF’s skill in navigating regulatory boards, municipal bylaws, tax issues and disparate housing residents along with a solution for architectural safety and redesign have made them a leading name in the fast-growing Tama 38 specialty.

With their eye always on the residents’ future happiness, BWF sets up a new managing company for each project. As with every project the group undertakes – only top of the line professionals are brought on board:

  • Ornath Shapiro Architecture, the leading architect firm on the project, has years of experience with other projects in Kiryat Ono.
  • Design Line, a boutique firm renowned for exclusive and innovative design, will be the interior designers accompanying the project. Personalized floor plans will be designed with you in mind.
  • Gandi Caspi Attorneys, with their extensive experience in real estate and Tama 38 laws will be the legal team accompanying the project.
  • Attorneys Meir Mizrachi & Co. are the tax attorneys of record for the project.

On site contractors will be retained after the permits are finalized.

Shlomo Hamelech

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