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Only the residents of 13 Tarsat Avenue enjoy the privilege of overlooking the magnificent and infamous Yaakov Gardens, with an unobstructed view that is unparalleled in the area. With 11 standard apartments, 1 garden apartment, and 1 luxurious penthouse available, this five-story building is in the process of opening 11 more parking spots, an elevator, and a plethora of stunning remodeling additions. While the inside of the homes showcases modern amenities and finishes, the authenticity of the famed Bauhaus architectural design is being well-preserved. Careful attention is being given to ensure that the renovations and additions are in line with the stylistic integrity and architectural profile the city is known for.

Did you know?

  • The word ‘Tarsat’ in Hebrew is the numerical value of 1909, which represents the city’s founding year.
  • Changes were made to some key Bauhaus style elements to adapt to the Mediterranean climate.
  • The narrow balconies, building pillars, flat roofs and thermometer windows have become trademarks of Tel Aviv.
  • Architectural walking tours of the White City are highly popular with both tourists and locals.
Tarsat Avenue 13

Project Information


Regarded as Israel’s version of The City That Never Sleeps, Tel Aviv is world-renowned as a leading financial center, as well as a destination hot-spot for cuisine, culture, and nightlife enthusiasts. There’s another side to this city, conveniently located on the Mediterranean coastline, which was recently made famous by its 2003 UNESCO designation as a World Heritage Site: The White City. The city was named as such due to the white exteriors of its four thousand 1920-1930s Bauhaus style buildings. Recent restoration of the area has propelled it to become one of the city’s trendiest districts and sought-after addresses.

The city boasts a unique mix of history and contemporary life. The soon-to-be-built light rail will provide service to and from Tel Aviv and its neighboring cities, namely Rishon Lezion, Holon and Herzliya. The building is just minutes away from the beautiful Rothchild Boulevard gardens, the iconic Sheinkin Street shopping center, the Habima Theater and Heichal Hatarbut—home to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Tarsat Avenue is the perfect place to call home.

Tarsat Avenue 13 - Location
Tarsat Avenue 13 - Details


The five-story building will be restored in accordance with the historical preservation guidelines. Included in the renovations will be a re-plastering of the building facade, wooden shutters, additions of an elevator and 11 parking spots.

Garden Apartment:

  • 3 bedrooms: 1,054 sq. ft.
  • Stunning garden off the living room: 1,615 sq. ft.
  • Garden includes computerized irrigation, lighting, a lawn, flowerbeds and more.
  • One parking spot
  • Price: Get 2/3 of the garden FREE!
  • 9,450,000 NIS. (6,600 NIS per sq. ft.)

Standard Apartment:

  • 11 apartments of varying sizes: Between 570 – 920 sq. ft.
  • Includes small balcony
  • Price for rear apartments: 63,000 per sq. meter
  • Price for front apartments: 68,200 per sq. meter


  • Luxurious finishing touches: 2150 sq. ft. with a large front porch of 280 sq. ft.
  • Blissful penthouse roof: 1335 sq. ft. includes Gas and water connections, BBQ & kitchen prep corner, wet bar. 4-person Jacuzzi, and rooftop shower.
  • Possibility of adding a pool, depending on municipal permit for additional 450,000 NIS.
  • Beautiful guest apartment of nearly 600 sq. ft. on ground floor.
  • 2 parking spots.


25,850,000 NIS (7,626 NIS per sq. ft.)

Area Development


  • Construction permits are in process and approval is expected within six months.
  • Occupancy 24 months after permits are received.

Yoram Avner and Shuly Persiado are well-known and respected developers in the Israeli Real Estate ecosystem. With over 20 years of experience greatly concentrating in Tel Aviv, they’ve led impressive projects such as homes in Nofei Yam, Lamed neighborhoods, and buildings on Ein Ganim street and Lilelnbaum street. Their most famous project is the famous Rothschild 30 Tower. 13 Tasrat Avenue will be another jewel added to their sparkling record.

Tarsat Avenue 13 - Area Development

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